Hello! I’m Morgan Pfaelzer, founder, creator and designer of Earth Soul Reiki. When I experienced my first Reiki session in 2012, it was an unexpectedly intense, life changing moment. I soon began training to be a reiki practitioner and in 2016, I attained a Reiki Master and Teacher certification.

With the birth of my two children in 2017 and 2019, my life shifted. Reiki was on pause as I focused on them, loving motherhood. It was good and necessary to slow down, to learn to open my heart more than I knew I could, to practice patience and loving compassion daily, and to strengthen mothering with Reiki principles daily.

During a meditation (while the kids were out on a walk with their dad), I envisioned a large pink rose opening over my heart center and wished there was a way to carry that sensation with me throughout the day, and make it a physical reminder of that moment. I then envisioned my first piece of clothing! Making symbols of peace and groundedness wearable could be a potent way to reach out to people like myself, spread love + light, and still have time to be the engaged mom I wanted to be! And that’s how my etsy store began. I hope my designs provide you with a physical reminder of love, light, and peacefulness.

(Many thanks to my loving, supportive family and friends! And gratitude goes out to these three women who have helped me on this journey: Olivia Lundberg for the Reiki sessions and classes; Rebecca Campbell for her books, oracle cards, and meditations; and Jene’ Jackson for introducing me to the world of print-on-demand and all it can offer to those of us creative and bold enough to endeavor!)